Hi you beautiful people! I’m finally done my piece for The Green Man Show! Happening at 156 Agusta Ave. Next Thursday, one night only (in Toronto) Come by if you’re up and about.

My piece is about a sad leaf man. He is sad because one of his oldest friends was stolen away from him and only his stump remains.

I’ve had a few questions now and then about my process, so I uploaded a detailed visual explanation.

1. Hand drawn image scanned from my sketchbook

2. Hand drawn background combined with character in Photoshop

3. Image brought into Illustrator. I then traced over all of my line work carefully.

4. Created a color mockup in Photoshop of what colors the piece should be.

5. Implemented the colors in Illustrator, then did texturing in Photoshop.

6. Printed each individual layer on a different piece of paper. Then I cut out each layer.

7. Put a piece of foamcore in between each layer to add depth, built a stylish frame from foamcore and painted it with dry brush. I used a two part epoxy to create some cool little vines, leaves, and moss.

8. Close up of Green Man

9. Close up of two part epoxy.

Thanks for looking at my work and for the constant support! Hope you enjoyed the little tutorial, if you’ve got any further questions don’t hesitate to ask.



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